Reporting Service


Highly Verified & Accurate Reports





Our Process Monitoring Verification Centre uses offsite Artificial intelligence and Deep Machine Learning systems to monitor processes of concern and abnormal behaviour from our clients existing CCTV systems. So, there’s no need to upgrade existing infrastructure. Smartly identified by Artificial Intelligence and then human verified highly accurate reports with corresponding visual tags sent to our clients via a customised mobile app or email, for required action.


Our solutions for your concerns :





Realtime alerts with corresponding visual based reports “if” and “when” it happens.




Daily visual based reports within 24 hours





Weekly visual based reports within 7 days



Ai Software








We believe it’s a shortcoming of modern technology that cameras require constant surveillance by human eyes “after” the event. So, we’ve redesigned the technology to see through the chaos and identify undesirable events first. It’s next-gen business process monitoring supported by Ai & deep-machine learning that lets you focus where it matters most. Rather than being limited to a defined number of scenarios, Ai Group allows an unlimited number of process rules and analyses what ‘normal’ looks like in your unique business environment. You simply can’t code or scale this sort of focused monitoring in a rules-based world. That’s why Ai Group is the only system that’s able to rapidly scale to thousands of cameras and be flexible enough to adapt to your changing business focus- making it the only future proofed choice in the market with client specific customised Ai software solutions.









We’re not a human replacement, we’re a super human enabler. We understand what humans are good at, and their limitations, and built our system around that. Ai Group uses customised, client specific ‘focus priorities’ to build unique Ai profiles to display events that would otherwise go unnoticed. Our purpose-built Monitoring Centre is a ‘World first’ ensuring the highest standard Video Process monitoring service directly to you. So do the things you’re really good at and let Ai Group silently, and attentively, take care of all the rest.