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Making CCTV smarter
Taking existing old school, cctv technology from reactive to proactive
Help you focus where it matters

CCTV technology is commonly employed by organizations as a deterrent, with events typically reviewed retrospectively, often when it’s already too late. Artificial Intelligence Group has revolutionized this approach by transforming the technology from reactive to proactive. Picture your existing CCTV system as the eyes, and with our systems acting as a superhuman brain, we recognize patterns, enabling you to focus on what truly matters. This shift in perspective allows for a more proactive and responsive approach to security and monitoring.


Making CCTV smart.

Ai Software

Ai Software

The IntelliSence system employs offsite Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning systems to monitor processes of concern and detect abnormal behavior using our clients' existing CCTV systems. There's no need to upgrade the current infrastructure. Instances smartly identified by Artificial Intelligence are then verified by humans, and highly accurate reports, complete with corresponding visual tags, are sent to our clients via a customized mobile app or email for necessary action.
Reporting Service

Reporting Service

CCTV technology has traditionally functioned as a deterrent, with events reviewed retrospectively when it's often too late. Artificial Intelligence Group has revolutionized this approach, transforming the technology from reactive to proactive. Picture your existing CCTV system as the eyes and our systems as a superhuman brain, recognizing patterns and swiftly reporting abnormal events for immediate action. This is next-gen business process monitoring, powered by Ai and deep-machine learning, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters. Unlike traditional rules-based systems with limited scenarios, Artificial Intelligence Group enables an unlimited number of process rules, analyzing what 'normal' looks like in your unique business environment. This focused monitoring, not easily achievable through coding, is made possible by our world-leading AI technology, which is software-based and scalable on the cloud. Our systems can efficiently navigate through numerous cameras to pinpoint that one crucial event, making us uniquely sustainable and incomparable in the industry.
Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

We don't replace human effort; instead, our Ai technology optimizes and enhances outcomes. Understanding the strengths and limitations of human capabilities, we've designed our system accordingly. Artificial Intelligence Group employs customized, client-specific 'focus priorities' to create unique Ai profiles that highlight events that might otherwise be overlooked. Our purpose-built Monitoring Centre, a 'World first,' guarantees the highest standard of Video Process monitoring service directly to you. In today's fast-paced environment, time is crucial for any organization. Ai technology was developed to assist with this. Partnering with us allows you to redirect your efforts elsewhere, letting us handle the rest.

Honoured to achieve a GDPR Certification

Artificial Intelligence Group is thrilled to announce that we have received the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) certification, an internationally recognized standard. This certification underscores our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients through an effective quality system, ensuring compliance with data protection standards.

Shopping complex

Artificial Intelligence Group watches over shopping complexes globally, protecting customers and retail facilities.



If you manage or control a restaurant, you need to ensure workers are following proper food preparation methods and doesn’t cause possible food contamination issues which could put your restaurant at a great risk. We can help you with a complete monitoring service for your concern.



We provide a complete monitoring service for your events of concern to get early visibility of process breaches.



We help you maximize benefits from your investment to reduce theft, property damage and stock shrinkage.


Trusted by businesses Australia-wide.

Hear what the Australian Subway Franchisee of the year at Subway has to say about our Service.

I installed the Artificial Intelligence Group software into 13 of my stores with the intention of monitoring customer service and staff safety, as it is impossible for me to be at all stores.

What attracted me to the Artificial Intelligence Group service was they monitor key criteria and abnormal behaviour then send me a snapshot and a video clip with a written report on an easy to use customised app for me to act on. I am time poor and certainly don’t have the time to trawl through hours of video.

As a result of implementing the service I have terminated staff for theft, I have seen significant improvement in customer service and stopped bad behaviour like sitting on the bench or not being in full uniform including gloves which is an OH & S issue. I can also ensure that I have footage of any aggressive behaviour to my team and now that I have all these improvements, I have asked Artificial Intelligence Group to send me clips of good behaviour that I will share with my team. When you have one store you can be there and monitor on goings while you are there, but for me this is the way of the future. With no capital expenditure and no need to change my existing CCTV systems, I just added Artificial Intelligence Monitoring to the existing equipment for a minimal monthly fee, I am extremely happy with the results to date and will highly recommend their service.

Subway Franchisee
Shamim Mohammed

To whom it may concern,

It is with much enthusiasm I am writing to recommend the product & service of Artificial Intelligence Group.

We have engaged Artificial Intelligence group for the past year to enhance and improve our customer service levels. It is extremely important that all our clients are attended to within two minutes of entering our showroom. Artificial Intelligence group have been monitoring & reporting this to us with the use of Video Artificial Intelligence. I wanted to be assured that this procedure was followed in my absence.

Initially Lou from Artificial Intelligence Group discussed their product and service to me and advised that it is beyond security, I truly understand it now. I analyse and monitor the data that is sent to me and use it to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction levels. This is a must have business management tool which was customised to my specific business needs and requirements.

I highly recommend Artificial Intelligence Groups product and service.

Warm regards

Vince Barbagallo
Managing Director