AIVI is a groundbreaking technology that’s developed through machine learning neural network algorithms to enhance CCTV network systems. In simplest terms, it’s a brain for your CCTV network to assess, investigate, alert, and act as per your requirements. AIVI is a plug-and-play device that supports both local and cloud deployments and provides fast access to front-end equipment for visual AI analysis. In addition to supporting the smart big-screen application layer, it can also provide APIs to support third-party platform access.



The need for a proactive solution in the global construction sector to effectively utilize funds/assets and supplies in order to improve operations for better conditions is ever being researched and studied. The significance of video-based data has become an important part of this initiative due to its inherent capabilities and real-time characteristics. However, in terms of surveillance video, there are thousands of cameras in the industry that are mainly viewed by human eyes thus consuming a lot of manpower. There is no doubt that it is far more impossible to monitor all videos, and difficult to record, resulting in low efficiency in resources deployed. Therefore, how to make use and explore the value of video data is of great magnitude to application scenarios in the construction industry. To address this concern in the industry, Artificial Intelligence Group has developed AIVI construction.



AIVI construction has the ability to monitor processes and abnormal behaviour in real-time on-site. This technology can monitor and track process-related concerns, dynamics of workers/vehicles, building materials, construction equipment, etc. It uses methods such as target detection and positioning, behaviour assessment, and analysis to monitor and implement procedures such as dangerous object placement warning, health and safety concerns, process productivity maximization, warning of dangerous behaviour, etc. The system can be applied 24 hours to carry out comprehensive monitoring and reporting, to ensure the increase in productivity and safety of life and property.




AIVI traffic is developed to cater to traffic control and management needs in urban development environments which assist officials to fully utilise existing recourses deployed. This system can not only obtain real-time urban traffic conditions, but also identify traffic element information, and report abnormal events such as vehicle precise trajectory analysis, traffic congestion assessment, and more.



AI algorithm can be employed in the identification of traffic parameters which includes traffic target detection and identification of traffic status parameters.

  • Traffic Target detection and identification includes vehicle detection, vehicle type detection, license plate detection, non-motor vehicle detection, pedestrian detection and traffic light detection.
  • Traffic status parameter identification includes queuing length of the traffic, traffic speed, and traffic jam.

Through the identification of traffic parameters, AIVI can identify traffic situations and predict optimum traffic light configurations has the capability to evaluate the current situation of traffic accurately then analyse and lock down the cause of congestion.


AIVI traffic can now replace front-line police patrols. The 24-hr online AI algorithms can instinctively scan through all existing CCTV infrastructure deployed on the entire city road network with real-time alarm alerts of traffic accidents. It can be used in identifying traffic conditions such as fast lanes, bicycles/motorcycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, etc. Further situations such as Illegal behaviour, abnormal traffic flow at troublesome intersections can also be detected. The data gathered from this can be used to optimise existing networks without the need of adding new field equipment, or police deployment in a complex social environment.




The health sector is one of the largest growing industries globally, with an expected growth of 13% in the next 5 years. This is mainly due to the increase in the global aging population rate. In many health care facilities caring for the elders is a challenging task. Monitoring their behavioural movement to ensure they are safe, or to give immediate medical assistance in an emergency is crucial. By combining artificial intelligence with this industry these tasks are now simpler to manage than before. AIVI-CARE assists caretakers to monitor their patients and residents by helping them to provide immediate assistance when required in real-time.


With current existing systems, duty personnel need to scan multiple screens or do periodic physical visits to monitor critical issues within aged care or Hospital facilities. These issues need to be manually scanned across wards to identify and rectify critical needs for assistance. AIVI-CARE AI algorithms are specifically designed for healthcare to detect these critical incidents in real-time by alerting healthcare officials in a single console. AIVI-CARE has now taken out human error and the manual labor element out of this process which intern reduces cross-contamination, increases efficiency and the level of care given to each resident.



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