Artificial Intelligence Group, an Australian-owned enterprise, specializes in providing video Ai-based solutions across diverse industries. Renowned for pioneering cutting-edge Ai technology, we excel in tailoring solutions to meet client-specific needs. We address a modern technological limitation by eliminating the need for constant human surveillance of cameras “after” events.

In reshaping the CCTV industry, Artificial Intelligence Group empowers organizations to navigate through chaos and pinpoint abnormal or undesirable events crucial to their operations. Our approach heralds the future of business process monitoring, bolstered by Ai and deep machine learning, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most.


In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence Group has upgraded CCTV to be smarter. Instead of the tedious process of capturing footage and manually sorting through it, Artificial Intelligence Group has introduced deep machine learning to sift through CCTV footage. This provides our clients with evolving results that match their business needs. The key benefit is that the system actively spots abnormal events and patterns. Artificial Intelligence Group caters to all industries requiring digital surveillance infrastructure.


“We aspire to develop a video-based Artificial Intelligence System that equips all sectors with tools to boost efficiency, foster innovation, and flourish in the digital era.”


“Our mission is to be at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence software globally, bringing about a revolution in the CCTV industry.”