Ai Group is an Australian-owned company that focuses on delivering video Ai-based solutions to all types of industries. Our company is a leader in developing unique cutting-edge Ai technology which can be customised to client-specific requirements. We believe that it’s a shortcoming of modern technology that cameras require constant surveillance by human eyes “after” the event.

Ai Group has redesigned the CCTV industry to see through the chaos and identify abnormal /undesirable events that are important to organisations. This is the future of business process monitoring which is supported by Ai & deep machine learning that lets you focus where it matters most.


In simple words, Ai group has made CCTV smarter. Surveillance is no longer an excruciating task where the system captures the footage and then manually filtered. Ai Group has combined deep machine learning to filter through CCTV footage in order to provide our clients with results that evolve with their business. The main advantage of the system is that it proactively identifies abnormal events and patterns. Ai group accommodates all types of industries that have a necessity for digital surveillance infrastructure.


“Our vision is to create a video-based Artificial Intelligence System that empowers all sectors with tools to enhance efficiency, advance innovation and to thrive in the digital age”


“Our mission is to lead the world in Artificial Intelligence software and revolutionise the CCTV industry”