The goal is to process your CCTV footage to recognise predefined or undesirable events rapidly and it’s here that Artificial Intelligence Group stands unchallenged. Our Ai Process monitoring system via our secure verification centre uses a rolling baseline to learn daily – constantly establishing a ‘new normal’ set of behaviours so they can proactively identify the ‘not normal’ and alert operators if and when it happens.

Surveillance is about prevention, but until now existing systems captures lot of the footage and then the pain-staking manual process starts. It’s known that CCTV technology is currently being used by organisations as more of a deterrent, all events are reviewed after the fact and it’s too late. Artificial Intelligence Group has reinvented the wheel by taking the technology from being reactive to proactive. Simply think of it as using your existing CCTV system as eyes of the business and including the Ai systems as a superhuman brain, recognising patterns and reporting abnormal events. This next-gen business process monitoring system not only identifies liabilities but most of all, lets you focus where it matters most.

Combining artificial intelligence to business surveillance changes the entire scope and impact to your organisation. Our system goes beyond security, beyond keeping the company and its customers safe, giving you the cutting-edge difference required for a growing sustainable business.

With our technology in our business “THE RESULT”

  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Increased speed of response
  • Reduced impact of threats
  • Improved risk profile
  • Mitigate impact of events
  • Create a safer environment

Artificial Intelligence group offers services to any industry that requires a digital surveillance infrastructure. Our software on the cloud can be combined with existing CCTV infrastructure, reducing capital cost significantly which makes this an affordable option in the Artificial Intelligence space.